Access & Bridging Programs

Whether you have been away from formal education for a while or hold international credentials and experiences, we provide you with access to well-defined curricula that will ease the transition into our degree programs without re-learning what you already know. York will provide you with classroom training and eLearning options as well as work experience through internships, practica and more.

York University is a leader in providing bridging programs to relevant Canadian degree programs while providing English-language support and Canadian work experience. York builds educational capacity and welcomes a diverse student population with insights from around the globe. Explore the programs below for your pathway to York.


Faculty of Education Access Initiative - Valuing your Experience

The Access initiative is designed to recruit, admit and support individuals who will make excellent teachers and reflect the diversity of our society. Our admissions policies are designed to assess the potential of all candidates, in particular those who have faced systemic barriers in educational settings and in their lives. For more information, contact the Access coordinator at:

Faculty of Education ACE program

The Advanced Credit Experience (ACE) is a partnership between the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), the York University Faculty Association (YUFA ) Trust and the Faculty of Education at York University. The program aims to enhance university access for Grade 12 students from the local Jane - Finch community. High school students are selected in their Grade 11 year based on access opportunities (i.e. systemic barriers to participation in university education), to create an opportunity for successful completion of a university half-credit course taken in the fall of their Grade 12 year. The program also offers first year Education students an opportunity to connect with students in the Jane - Finch community and gain first-hand experience on what it means to teach and learn with a community centric and urban education lens.

Internationally-Educated Teachers

If you are qualified as a teacher outside Canada and have obtained your letter of assessment from the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), we can help you to meet your requirements for certification through coursework or practicum. Contact our Undergraduate Student Services office for details.

Internationally-Educated Professionals

Internationally-Educated Professionals

York University's Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Professionals prepares internationally educated professionals to enter the Ontario labour market. It focuses on enhancing the success of internationally educated professionals in gaining access to jobs and professional licensure in Accounting, Auditing, Emergency Management, Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Management and Public Sector Administration for business professionals and Software Development and System Analysis for IT professionals. While the program will leverage these common academic, skill and experience bases, it will also be flexible enough to address the specific academic, skills and experiences that are unique to particular professions. 


Osgoode Professional Development

Osgoode Professional Development offers Canada’s widest range of offerings designed for internationally trained lawyers who are transitioning to the Canadian legal market, including both credit and non-credit offerings. Explore our offerings on our What are my options? page.

Pre-University Studies

Pre-University Studies

York's Admission Credential Courses are designed for mature students who have a high school diploma, to enable them to acquire the background they need for admission to York University or to meet the prerequisites for a specific course or program. Courses consist of smaller classes to maximize teacher-student interaction; dedicated instructors; exposure to university campus life; experience in university study; and opportunity to learn and grow in a safe, supportive environment.

Women's Bridging Program

Women's Bridging Program

The School of Women's Studies at York University offers academic Bridging Courses for women who want to upgrade their writing and speaking skills and explore the possibility of university study. Course participants must be 21 years of age or over, permanent residents of Ontario, and comfortable in both spoken and written English. A grade of 'B' or better offers admission to mature students to the Faculties of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies and Glendon in addition to some programs in other Faculties. The Bridging course is not appropriate if you require ESL instruction. If you have completed one full year or more of university or academic college studies, you may not need a bridging course as an admissions credential.

Sanctuary Scholars

Sanctuary Scholars’ Bridging Program

The Sanctuary Scholars’ Bridging Program offered by the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies seeks to create the opportunity of university study for those in Ontario with unresolved or precarious immigration statuses including those awaiting their permanent residency, refugee status seekers and others. Instructors employed by this program have been carefully chosen to cultivate an environment of sensitivity in the classroom.